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The 12 Saves Of Christmas: Give More For Less

Christmas can be an expensive time of year for many. It's very easy to waste your money and leave yourself scratching around for spare cash by the 2nd week of January!

However, I have come up with 12 ways to help you save money this Christmas

Lets call it the 12 Saves of Christmas: Metalhead Investor Edition...

Set A Budget, And Stick To It

The best way to not overspend at Christmas, is to have a Christmas budget!

Work out how much you have available to spend, and then stick with it. Don't be tempted into getting credit cards or dipping into overdrafts, it's not worth the hassle!

Don't feel guilty if you have to scale back 1 or 2 presents this year to stay on budget. Nobody is going to think you're a cheapskate. Besides, people don't know the ins and outs of your finances, so how would they know!

We've fallen into the culture that if we don't buy loads of presents for everybody then we're bad people and tighter than a fly's arse. Which is quite frankly silly (especially as a lot of Christmas gifts are never even used or stop buying them!)

Combine Your Online Orders

When shopping online, add gifts into your cart and leave them there, don't buy them straight away.

Because you're bound to come up with an idea for another gift, or remember that you forgot to get a gift for your younger brother.

Buying several gifts online at once will mean you reduce the amount of delivery fees or other charges, compared to when you buy one or two gifts on a few different occasions.

This will free up more money for better gifts, or just help you stay on budget!

Use Pouch - The Best Voucher Code Extension

Pouch is my secret weapon for saving money online. Pouch automatically finds voucher codes for you on retailer websites and applies them to your checkout if they are eligible.

I haven't used it for Christmas shopping yet (as I haven't done any :|) but I've saved a few quid on online takeaways because of Pouch!

You can install Pouch as a browser extension, you can find instructions on how to do it here

Sell Stuff You Don't Use

Christmas is a time of year where everyone's looking for a bargain, so why not put what you don't use up for sale?

There are people just like you trying to not go overboard with their Christmas spending by buying second hand items. So if you've got some stuff that could be put to better use (let's be honest, we all do) try selling it on Facebook Marketplace or eBay, and earn some extra spending money!

Buy Gifts For Your Closest Friends & Family

Yes its time to stop buying presents for your cousin twice removed or Billy from number 26.

Buy gifts for people who you are close to, not fair weather mates or acquaintances. People won't really care if you didn't get them a box of Celebrations or some other stocking filler. And it'll save you a bunch of money that can be used better elsewhere (or saved for next year!)

Ask Your Friends & Family What They Actually Want

Buying what someone actually wants will save you a lot of money. Buying stuff we "think" people might like just leaves you open to buying more to make sure that you get at least one of them right!

Ask your family members to give you a list of what they want, and then buy what fits into your budget.

They get what they really want, and you don't waste loads of money. Everyone's happy!

If a family member is being awkward and hits you with the dreaded "I don't know what I want for Christmas", then set an amount you're willing to spend on them and then buy accordingly.

Focus on quality rather than quantity!

Use Cashback Websites

Shopping online at Christmas increased by 56% in 2020, and continues to be the best way to get the cheapest deals.

To get even more for your money, you should consider using cashback websites such as TopCashback or Quidco to earn a % of your spending back!

How much you get back depends on the retailers and how much you spend, but its definitely worthwhile. With TopCashback you can install a browser extension which displays a message every time you visit a website that is eligible for cashback. It will tell you how much cashback you could earn and it makes the whole process much easier!

Using cashback websites at any of the time of the year is beneficial. It's a good way to generate some extra cash for when Christmas comes around!

Avoid The High Street

Online shopping is a lot cheaper than going to the High Street for a few reasons.

Firstly, there's a lot of online exclusives you'd miss out on if you shopped in their brick & mortar establishment.

Also, when was the last time you went to do a Christmas shop and didn't buy a coffee, or a snack, or lunch, or dinner...?

What I'm saying is, you end up spending money on far more than just Christmas shopping when you head to the High Street.

Stay at home, in the warm away from other irate customers, and save your pennies too.

Use Price Comparison Sites To Get The Best Deal

A simple search on a price comparison site could prevent you from spending more than you need to!

This is more useful for bigger purchases but it can save you a bit with the smaller gifts as well.

Enter Freebie Contests

There's loads of giveaways going on over Christmas, and they are a good way to save a bit of cash if you do win!

SkintDad give away things regularly, and there's a host of other websites that do similar giveaways that you can find with a quick Google search. MyOffers is another good one, you can win cash prizes or actual products/experiences. The only downside to MyOffers is you have to write a review for the product you win!

Obviously your chances of winning are slim. But if you don't buy a ticket...

If you do get lucky and win something, then it's a nice bonus!

Use Coupons or Reward Points If You Have Them

Hopefully you've been racking up your reward points all year to unleash them on your Christmas buys!

If not, its worth checking your loyalty cards or your emails as companies sometimes offer extra incentives at this time of year, such as double points on purchases.

Also check your post, sometimes coupons are included as tear-offs on leaflets or in magazines which can be very useful to save you a bit of cash!

Don't Overdo It With The Christmas Dinner

A lot of people go crazy over Christmas dinners, and a lot of food often ends up getting wasted (who wants turkey sandwiches for 5 days in a row? Well, I don't.)

So just buy enough food to keep everyone happy, don't overindulge...ok overindulge A LITTLE BIT, but don't go crazy!

Another tip that may be too late for this Christmas, but for next year start buying food a month or two in advance. The food will be cheaper and it's one less thing to worry about when approaching the big day!

Keep Track Of Your Spending All Year Round With This Spreadsheet

Do you want to kick off 2022 in full control of your finances?

Do you want to be able to track and analyse your saving goals?

Well, you can do just that with the Metalhead Investor Budget Tracker!

Having control of your money is vital for both your financial and mental health, and with this spreadsheet it makes it an effortless task!

Grab your copy of the spreadsheet here, and set yourself on a path to a better financial future in 2022 and beyond!


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