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How I Earned £284.16 from Matched Betting In October 2021!

Updated: Nov 10, 2021

Please note some links in this article contain affiliate links, whereby if you click on them and sign up, I will receive a commission at no extra cost to you!

If you haven't read my introduction to Matched Betting yet, you can find it here

Hello and welcome to the monthly analysis of my Matched Betting income! In this series of articles I discuss how I made my profits from Matched Betting to provide you with the confidence and insight to start your Matched Betting career as soon as possible!

I started Matched Betting in 2018, and did it for over a year or so and then gave it up. I started again in 2020 on and off but fully recommitted to it in August 2021. Up until September 2021, I had made £3,278.20 from Matched Betting!

So let's dive into what happened in October!

My Most Profitable Month Since "Project Restart"

This month I decided to put a bit more time and effort into Matched Betting. I also decided to attempt more low-risk offers rather than just no-risk ones, as ultimately they are more profitable in the long run!

I also got reacquainted with 2Ups (all terms are explained below) but the 2Up offers did not yield me any wins this month unfortunately.

All in all, this is a breakdown of my profits by offer type...

As you can see, "Wager & Gets" were my most profitable offer from Matched Betting this month. These are casino offers where a bookie/casino asks you to wager a certain amount to win some free spins. For example Wager £10 Get 10 Free Spins.

These types of offers aren't risk free, but have a positive estimated value. Which basically means in the long run these offers are profitable and you have the house edge, not the casino.

13 out of the 23 Wager & Get offers I did this month were profitable, totalling £102.45 overall.

Some other big winners included Bet & Gets and Price Boosts. Bet & Gets are usually risk free as they are similar to sign up offers where you bet a certain amount and get a free bet for it.

These offers are risk free because you back and lay your qualifying bet (if you're not sure what this is, go back to my main Matched Betting article!) and then do the same with the free bet to guarantee profits.

Sometimes you have to lock in profit due to the nature of the offer. For instance if an offer is "Bet 10 Get 10 Free Bet If Your Bet Loses" then you have to underlay the lay bet so that if the back bet wins, you've made an instant profit as you won't have a free bet to use. This is an intermediate matched betting technique, but Profit Accumulator has a specific calculator for that so you don't need to worry about the numbers!

Price boosts are very easy to understand. You place your back bet with the boosted price (say from 2/1 to 3/1), then lay the same bet with the betting exchanges cheaper price (around 2/1), and make a profit on the difference!

As I mentioned at the top, I had no luck with 2ups this month, making a £16.07 loss on 13 bets. This is quite a complicated offer to explain but in a nutshell some bookies pay out early for a bet if a football team goes 2-0 up, so if you back and lay that bet and a team goes 2-0 up and doesn't win then effectively both your back and lay bets win, giving you a big pay-out!

But of course, the likelihood of a team going 2-0 up and then not winning is pretty small, so it's hard to land them regularly (but you don't really need to, as its usually a lot of small losses followed by a big win, I just haven't had the big win yet!)

There are various other offers I did this month, I won't get into too much detail about them but just so you have a general idea of what they are...

Sign up - Special offers for new customers at a bookie

FBC (Free Bet Clubs) - These are effectively weekly Bet & Gets (E.g. Skybet's offer is Bet £25 during the week get a £5 free bet)

Wager & Get LC - This is Live Casino, like a virtual casino where an actual person is spinning the roulette table or dealing hands

Free Spins - Free Spins that casino/bookies sometimes give out (albeit very rarely nowadays)

Daily Games - These are free games that don't have guaranteed prizes.

AP (Advantage Play) - This is for offers where you can't lay a bet (when the lay market is not available) so you have a chance of a bigger loss, but also a bigger profit.

ACCA Insurance - An advanced Matched Betting offer where you can earn Free Bets if one leg of your accumulator doesn't win

Free Bets - Random free bets from bookies, they are the unicorns of matched betting!

What I Did With My Profits

All in all I'm pretty happy with my returns this month. I aimed for £300 and fell just short, but I would've been comfortably past that if one of my 2Ups had landed. But hey ho!

Since restarting Matched Betting on 28th August I have made £542.18 profit, which takes my all time profit up to £3,562.36! My 2021 profits have paid for my car insurance and tickets to see hard rock band Tremonti in 2022. The rest of the profits of around £240 have gone into my investment portfolio!

I don't aim to use my profits for anything other than investing from now on, and will once again aim for £300 in November!

Will I get there this time?

Come back next month and find out!

If you'd like to get started with Matched Betting, you can sign up to Profit Accumulator here and make your first £40 for free!

If you have any questions about Matched Betting or Profit Accumulator, you can email me or DM me on Twitter


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