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How I Made £212.73 With Matched Betting in November 2021

The following article contains affiliate links, whereby if you click and sign up I will receive a commission at no extra cost to you.

Welcome to my Matched Betting report for November! Once a month I analyse my Matched Betting earnings in the hope that it will give you the confidence and inspiration to have a go at it yourself. Matched Betting is a great source of tax free income and you can do it whether you know anything about betting on sports or not!

If you don't know what Matched Betting is, check out my introduction article here.

You can also read my previous month's report here to see if I made more or less!

Before I dive in, I should note I took a week off from Matched Betting this month, which is why my profit is significantly lower than October's total.

Anyway without further ado, here's November's figures!

AP's Bit Back This Month

I made a loss on AP (Advantage Play) offers this month, which wiped out the profit from last month. That's the way it goes with the higher risk strategies sometimes!

If you don't know what AP offers are, they are offers where you bet with an advantage, because you get a free bet if you lose. A typical AP offer could look like "Bet £10 and get £10 Free Bet if you lose". Sometimes you can lock-in profits with these offers, but bookies have become very adept at making it difficult to find lay bet markets against your qualifying bet (if you don't understand these terms, read this article). They do this by asking you to place a bet where multiple scenarios have to occur for it to win. Unfortunately, the betting exchanges don't always have the same lay market available.

Nevertheless these offers are fun to have a go at now and then!

2Up Win Continues To Elude Me

I've now done over twenty 2Up offers since restarting Matched Betting...and still not landed a single one!

There have been a couple of occasions where I could have cashed out at 2-1, but I like to go for the full turn-around (FTA) as the profits are higher. And I can't be bothered to sit around watching odds for a game, working out how much profit I can take.

An FTA is when a team you backed on a 2Up offer goes 2-0 up, but fails to win the game. In this scenario, both your back bet and your lay bet wins. Your back bet pays out when your team goes 2-0 up, and your lay bet wins when the game finishes and the team you laid doesn't win!

It's important to keep your qualifying losses low with 2Up offers, as there's a lot of variance (a lot of small losses followed by big wins, especially with FTA's)

Hopefully on the next update, I will have finally landed the big one!

Casino Also Not So Kind To Me This Month

I did slightly more Wager & Get offers this month. 29 compared to 23 in October. But ended up making under half of the profit.

My success rate this month was 62% (18 out of 29 profitable offers) compared to 57% last month (13 out of 23 profitable offers)

This sort of variance is normal. Sometimes you get lucky and hit big wins one month, then you get nothing the next. But no matter what, over time these offers will make you money as they are positive EV, which means you have the edge over the casino/bookie. This is what makes it fun!

Price Boosts, Bet & Gets Continue To Be The Bread & Butter

It's quite apt that the simplest and lowest risk offers are the ones that continue to reward me with a good amount of profit. Overall these two types of offers made up around 50% of my profit for the month.

It shows that you do not need to do complicated or risky offers to make good money from Matched Betting. I like to do them because I find them more enjoyable and exciting. They do offer more reward, but that means there is an element of risk involved.

Start Your Matched Betting Journey Now!

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