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How I Made £100 on 20Cogs in Just 4 Hours

Hello and welcome to another Making Money Online article!

Today I am reviewing 20Cogs, a UK rewards site where you can earn money by completing online offers!

20Cogs specifies that the average user can make £200 from their site! With their highest pay-out ever being £700!

I will go over how I made £100 and explain why I didn't make as much as the average user...

How does 20Cogs Work?

Sometimes finding real value is hard to come by when making money online (Getting pennies for answering a 20 minute survey? No thanks!) and I feel 20Cogs is one of the best money making websites out there in that sense.

I spent just 4 hours completing 20Cogs offers, and when I get my pay-out it will be a touch north of £100!

As the name suggests, you have to unlock 20 cogs before you can get a pay-out. On every cog there is a certain type of offer that once completed, unlocks the next cog. Once you've unlocked and completed all 20, you get a nice sum of money for your troubles!

There are various types of offers you can do, most of them are free trial sign-ups but there are some risk-free gambling offers as well (its risk-free because 20cogs pays you out more than the money you have to spend on the gambling offer).

And this was the issue for me, I am signed up to so many bookies already through my Matched Betting career, I couldn't do the 20Cogs offers for them!

But there's no need to worry about not being able to complete an offer and getting stuck on a cog, because you can just skip offers until you find one you are not signed up to already.

The pay-outs for the offers vary quite a lot. Some are as little as £1.50, but some others are £20! So its well worth cycling through the offers on a cog first to make sure you are getting the most lucrative offers.

If that's not enough, you also get a £5 bonus when you sign-up here, and also a £5 bonus if you leave 20Cogs a review (whether its a good or bad one, they will pay you for it!)

Cog Statuses And What They Mean

Every cog has three statuses, Grey is incomplete, Orange is pending and Green is complete.

As you can see on my cogs, I have a lot of orange ones still which means the offer is ongoing. These are the free trial offers I spoke about earlier, you have to wait until the free trial period is over before they turn green (if yours don't turn green, you can contact 20cogs to review it for you, they are very helpful and quick with any issues).

Just make sure you write down when you need to cancel these free trials, so you don't end up getting charged for a subscription you never wanted in the first place!

Bonus Offers

After you've completed 20Cogs, they will notify you of some bonus offers. These won't contribute to your 20Cogs earnings but, they can be other sources of making cash!

Most of them seem to be survey sites, mystery shopper or free spin offers at online casinos. Be very careful when doing any No Deposit Free Spins offers at online casinos, they can be really sneaky with withdrawal fees or withholding funds until you've sent them ID verification. Read the terms carefully before doing these offers, especially if you're not a Matched Bettor!

Overall, 20Cogs Is A Good Little Earner

It took me only 4 hours to complete the 20 offers, and it made me £104 (The extra £5 will be from leaving them a review when my offers complete) so I am very happy with that hourly rate (£26 per hour). My net position will be a little bit less due to the gambling offers I did manage to complete, but nevertheless it'd only be a shade under £100.

It's very hard to find that kind of hourly rate making money online, it's just a shame it's a one-time thing and not a recurring method of income.

If unlike me you're not signed up to a million bookies already, 20cogs will probably be much more profitable for you. The average earner makes £200, and for 4-5 hours of work I don't think there's many one-time methods out there as lucrative as this one. Plus the bonus offers can top up your 20Cogs earnings even further.

If you'd like to get started with 20Cogs, you can use my referral link here

Let me know how you get on. Did you make more than £200? Less? Give me a follow on Twitter and share how much you made!


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