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5 Ways To Save Huge Amounts of Money On Video Games

I used to love video games as a kid, I would spend hours a day on them.

But then I became an adult and had to start working. And I've lost touch a bit with this old hobby of mine.

One thing I've noticed is how ridiculously expensive it has now become to be even a moderate video game enthusiast.

So I took it upon myself to find 5 clever ways to save huge amounts of money on videogames.

So if you're a gamer that would love to not spend so much on games and consoles, select "Player 1" and let's play!

Sign Up To Sites That Track Game Deals & Price Drops

There are many websites that track when the prices of videogames are cut or when a new deal comes out.

The best one I have found is Despite the name they have discounts for many consoles & handhelds including, PS5, PS4, Xbox One and Nintendo Switch!

The site is very easy to use and you can filter between popular deals, all time lowest prices and biggest discounts!

If you sign up to the site, you can add games to your wish list and the site will notify you when it is discounted!

This is a really handy resource if you're an avid gamer, as there are some huge discounts available that you may not have found otherwise.

Use Game Streaming Services

Both PlayStation and Xbox have their own game streaming services where you can play and download games without actually buying them, instead using a subscription service.

The Xbox Game Pass seems to be better and more popular than PlayStation Now, but whichever side of the console war you are on, there are plenty of games available to play.

There might not be loads of AAA games, but if you find yourself buying the less popular or indie games anyway, this is a good option instead of paying out for them every time.

Sign up to retailers newsletters for exclusive discounts

Newsletters can be annoying but there's always a chance you'll get an exclusive discount.

Retailers reward you for being a part of their email list with exclusive offers or discounts and these could save you quite a bit of money over time.

You'll also get early access to pre-orders for some of them, so there's a ton of benefits being on their mailing list.

Use Loyalty Points or Gift Cards

An obvious one, but if you're regularly buying games and not using a loyalty scheme, you are losing out on free or heavily discounted games potentially.

For example GAME have two schemes, GAME Rewards and GAME Elite. GAME Rewards is free but you earn less points. GAME Elite is only £3 per month but you get 9x the amount of points on purchases of physical games, merch and accessories.

As an example, if you bought a PS5 controller & headset with GAME Elite, you'd spend £140 and earn points worth just over £18!

And at just £3 a month, I reckon even casual gamers would be able to save money overall with this membership!

Video Games Don't Have To Be So Expensive

With these 5 tips, you're sure to be able to take down the final boss with far more money in your wallet.

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